I’m sick with the flu and haven’t had the energy to sit and write a blog post this week. Instead, I thought I would share a poem I recently wrote. It came about after another man expressed his desire for me, but had no intentions of wanting to build a relationship with me. I’m over those men. Match my frequency; don’t disrupt it. This is what I had to say to the men who only offer me something less than I deserve.

You know how many times I’ve been told “you’re amazing” by weak men? 

Too many to count. 
Men who want to sink inside my expansive softness. Men who want my tireless emotional labor. Men who offer me crumbs but never the whole damn meal. 
As if that would satisfy my hunger; stop asking me to starve. 
I used to think these weak men meant, “you aren’t enough.”
Now I hear what they really mean, “I am not.”
If all you have to offer me is your desire, I say to you. 
Your desire is not worth more than my value. 
Don’t tell me I am amazing. 
You are ruining the word. 

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