If you are struggling,

If you are in chaos,

If you are stuck,

If you can’t see the next step,

If you want to do the work,

If you are afraid of what people will think, 

If you are ready to confront your darkness,

But you don’t know where to begin,



If you are working towards a goal, but feel your mindset keeps you from stepping into your greatness, I am here and I want to help. Let me be the light that illuminates your walk. I’ll walk beside you, urging you to take the next step and reassure you with love and compassion that you will find your way. I’ll help you realize your power. I’ll show you how to find your voice and cheer you on as you begin to use it. I’ll be there while you transform into your own healer and save yourself. I’ll be with you as you create your life…the one you’ve always wanted but were too scared to start living.

After my life completely fell apart as a result of a cancer diagnosis and a divorce, I began the work of unbecoming and rebuilt my life from the inside out.

Over the last five years of transition, I’ve leaned into my personal growth and development, sometimes begrudgingly. The only way to grow is to get real and begin the process of healing yourself.

You can’t heal what you don’t acknowledge.

I’ve spent this time removing suitcase after suitcase from the seemingly never-ending pile of my baggage. Opening each one, spreading the painful contents around and examining them. Each time, I took a deep breath and promised myself I’d be okay, leaned on my support system and faced the trauma contained within. Darkness is only terrifying when there’s no light and the only way to let the light in is to crack open the darkness.

Through this work, I learned that no one can heal you. No one can give you happiness. It is no one else’s responsibility to heal you or make you happy. To find your own happiness, you have to do the work to heal yourself. You need to grow, which means facing your demons.

But, NO ONE should have to do this alone.




With every experience and painful healing, I gained compassion, clarity and wisdom. I acquired a lifetime of education over these past 5 years. I became unapologetic about who I am. Now, I can say…I am powerful. I am confident. I am BOLD. 

I am worthy and valuable. I am resilient. I know I am strong because I know how to be vulnerable. I am AUTHENTIC. I create space for new thought patterns that empower me. I know how to manifest everything I want because I am unapologetically myself. 

I have learned to align my actions with my words and thoughts and intuition. I have learned that everything happens FOR me, not TO me. And this makes me MAGNETIC.

I am proof that by changing your mindset and leaning into your growth, you become more powerful than ever and you can create the life you want from the inside out. 

Through it all, I found my purpose. My purpose is to share these learnings with you and teach you how to empower yourself from within. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to hone my coaching and mentoring skills while building a large and successful network marketing organization over the past 4 years. Now, I’m offering this superpower of mine to you. I’m here to cheer you on while you do the work of unbecoming who you thought you had to be and unlearn the stories that have held you back. I will hold space and nudge you along in a loving and judgment-free space as you become your true self.

I’ll teach you how to live, unapologetically.

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