I remember being the mom of the little ones that the mother of the older kids would tell “Enjoy this time when they are little because it goes so very fast.” 

And I remember in those moments thinking about how time seemed to be creeping by with these little kids and they felt attached to my hip and I felt guilty for wishing it would speed up so we could get to the place where they needed me a little less. Where I could breathe (and sleep) a little more. 

Today, I’ve become the other mom. Somewhere along the endless Groundhogs Days of motherhood, my kids have grown to the ages where time is beginning to feel instantaneous. I’m realizing how quickly 5 years will go. I feel this pressure in my chest and tears fill my eyes as I understand that the time I have left with them, they will be pulling away, becoming more independent and wanting to spend their time with friends. I see them pulling away in small ways and though I understand, it stings each time. 

I used to have moments of recognizing the shift, but now this feeling of wishing I could slow down the clock is settling in as a constant. I feel panicky. Have I done well enough? Have I taught them enough? Do they realize how incredible they are? Do they grasp how much I love them? I’m on the backside of this motherhood journey now and the hindsight is kicking in full force. I want to scoop them into my arms and never let go. 

So here it comes. To the moms of little ones, enjoy this time with them. Try to savor each moment when they want to be held forever and feel like your barnacles, even when all you want is to take a bath by yourself or eat a hot meal at a real dining table. I know the days are long and you feel like you can barely breathe. I know you wonder if they’ll ever be able to feed themselves, bathe themselves or give you a moments peace. Yes, they will. And when they finally do, you’ll miss this part. The part you are in now. Which I know feels a little insane but it’s true. You’ll miss them crawling into bed with you. You’ll miss them wanting to be held and kissed. Youll miss the never-ending questions. You’ll miss them being little a-holes and making messes. Okay, maybe not that last one as much. 

Hang on. It goes so freaking fast. And then you’ll be one of these moms like me, desperately trying to hold on. ❤️

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