Every time I post a body-positive pic, I lose followers.

I am learning that I am not for everyone and that’s okay. This is my truth and my journey. My only true responsibility in this life is to be (and love) more of myself every single day.

After a lifetime of hiding and being ashamed of my body, I am falling in love with her, completely. I love her softness and how beautiful her skin is. Even when her belly is a little rounder and her thighs a little more dimpled.

I am learning that sensuality is not reserved for the thin. I am sexy and beautiful right now and deserving of pleasure. No one can make me feel as good as I can make myself.

I am learning to celebrate her and take pics when I am feeling myself to capture those moments; I have them for the times when I am struggling to love her or picking her apart.

I am coming back into my body after disassociating from her to survive sexual trauma. I am healing and coming home to her; I will never abandon or allow another to disrespect or violate her.

I am learning to model for my daughters what I wish I would have been taught. How my body is mine and no one has the power to control her. How my body and how she looks and changes is not something to be ashamed of. How womxn’s bodies are not for men’s consumption or possession. How being naked can feel empowering to some and not to others and it is our own personal decision as to where (wear) we fall on that continuum. How our worth has nothing to do with our state of undress. How exploring and pleasuring your body is a divine right; nothing is more healthy. How to set boundaries around my body to protect her, love her and celebrate her and to teach others how to respect and please her. 

I know the people who are uncomfortable by these body positive pics who unfollow are on their own self-love journey, still grappling with shame and societal conditioning. Witnessing a woman exist without apology can feel threatening. I’ve been there, I still am at times. 

I know there will be men who unfollow because this isn’t for them and I’m not interested in their validation. They want to control my body or pretend it is theirs to consume. To see a woman exist and love herself and stand fully in her power feels like a challenge to their manhood.

And that’s okay. This isn’t meant for those people.

This is meant for the womxn who are leaning into their unlearning. Reaching to cherish every single inch of themselves. Learning that power comes from within, when you embrace yourself, completely. Laying down the conditioning that convinces womxn that their body is purely a vessel for others to use. Challenging the schools of thoughts that have kept womxn oppressed since the dawn of man.

This is for the womxn who are discovering their sacredness, their autonomy, their nakedness, their wild and their truth. And for the womxn don’t give a fuck whether anyone else co-signs. We don’t need your permission. We are a revolution.

Every time I post a body-positive pic, I lose followers. And I call in exactly who is meant for me.

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