Change your mindset. Lean into your growth.

Create the life you want from the inside out. 

I’m here to serve as a guide, a professional mentor and coach to support you through your own path of self-discovery and self-healing. I’m here to believe in you before you can believe in yourself. I’m here to remind you that you are already enough, as is, until you know it for yourself. I’m here to cheer you on while you do the work of unbecoming who you thought you had to be in order to be successful, happy and loved. I’m here to hold space and nudge you along in a loving, judgement-free way as you lay down the stories that hold you captive and do the work to become your true self.

Beth Moyer possesses the rare quality of leading with her emotional intelligence, and I would highly recommend her as an empowerment coach.  I worked with Beth at Nike for several years, and always appreciated the positive energy she brought into a room.  Her energy was pervasive, and at times helped shift my own thoughts and feelings to a more positive place in that moment.  I recall a time when I was frustrated by a work situation, and felt like I needed to be extremely vocal to get my point across.  Although Beth wasn’t involved in the issue, she brought humor and authenticity to the conversation and I quickly pivoted from feeling frustrated to feeling EMPOWERED.

If you are interested in learning how to be unapologetic about who you are, come to a place of peace with the decisions you’ve made in your life or own how you shape your future, RUN, don’t walk to what Beth has to offer.” – Pratima Razdan, Nike

The B.A.M. Effect

Invest in your Empowerment. Recognize and realize your personal potential and power to create the life you desire. Together, in this package, we will develop a committed, connected and safe space where I’ll coach and support you on adopting the B.A.M. Effect.

What is the The B.A.M. Effect? It’s the process of:

  • Discovering your unique version of Bold
  • Embracing your inner B.A. and becoming unapologetically Authentic through recognizing and laying down the stories and coping mechanisms which no longer serve you
  • Honoring your intuition; aligning your actions and words to become Magnetic to attract all forms of abundance in your life

The Details:

4 (FOUR) Private 1:1 Strategy Sessions – $1,500 

Flexible Billing Options

“I highly recommend Beth to anyone struggling to overcome fear or obstacles to living a more authentic life. I always thought I was very open and authentic but I really struggled with caring what other people thought of me…not setting healthy boundaries because I wanted to make everyone happy. It was slowly suffocating me and holding me back from really being true to myself. 

I think Beth’s major strength is teaching women to find their voice and use it. She has a gift and it’s changed my life. Beth will help you to level up in your life in any aspect you need her… health, relationships, self love, business….. whatever it is, she’ll help you find who you are at the core and love yourself for it.”

– Nicole Wagner, Rodan+Field Elite LV and Lexus Achiever and Makeup Artist + Owner of Powder, Inc.

Embrace your Inner B.A.

Let’s work together to help you find your Bold and unique voice, learn to trust your intuition and discover what your Authentic self is asking for. I’ll coach and support you while you unlearn behaviors which block your growth and challenge you to begin practicing daily acts of courage to strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem muscles.

The Details:

8 (EIGHT) Private 1:1 Strategy Sessions – $2,500

Voxer Communication, as needed

Free Tickets to Events

Flexible Billing Options

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